Hello, I’m Satpile, a humble Bitcoin (BTC) address tracker and balance viewer app. Built for bitcoiners by bitcoiners.

Satpile lets you remotely and safely track the balance of Bitcoin addresses you need to keep an eye on, for example your hardware wallets, paper wallets, gifts, exchanges, etc.


Satpile is a free open-source app offering full access to as many wallet addresses as you want. Satpile is really free, this means no need to create an account, and no ads!


When automatic-buying (“Dollar Cost Averaging”), you can get new sats sent directly to your safely hidden hardware wallet, then verify the bookmarked address in Satpile app. Get push notifications when address sees movements.


Satpile works with any address you fancy, including those you don’t own. Ideal to check your paper wallets gifts to friends, your exchange cold storage, charity donations…

XPUB addresses are also supported!


Satpile allows you to conveniently organise and tag many addresses into folders with subtotals. Addresses are organised in folders with sub-totals so you can add yours and others’ without confusion.

Satpile is sats-friendly: Balances are displayed in satoshis (ⓢ) as standard unit or standard BTC (₿).
N.B. 1 BTC = 100,000,000 sats


Satpile connects directly to your own full node (compatible with Umbrel) via TOR, so you don’t have to rely on anyone else’s copy of the Blockchain to verify your own Bitcoin.

Key features:
  • Track unlimited Bitcoin addresses;
  • Multiple folders for better clarity;
  • Displays total & subtotals balances;
  • Custom name for each address;
  • Custom name for each folder;
  • Emoji & Unicode characters;
  • P2PKH (1…), P2SH (3…), Bech32 (bc1…);
  • Import wallet X/Y/ZPUB & derivation path;
  • TOR support;
  • Direct connection to user’s full node;
  • Umbrel full node compatible;
  • Passphrase;
  • Touch ID / Face ID;
  • Verification on external Blockchain explorer;
  • Choice of default explorer;
  • QR scanner to add new addresses;
  • Easily share addresses & QR codes;
  • See balances in satoshis ⓢ;
  • See balances in bitcoins ₿;
  • Hide empty addresses;
  • Multilingual (French & English);
  • Steganography.
Coming soon:
  • More OpSec features;
  • More languages & locales;
  • And more…
Easily Verify balance on external browsers :
  • YOUR OWN NODE (with TOR!)
  • mempool.space (via TOR)
  • mempool.space
  • blockchair.com
  • blockstream.info
  • tradeblock.com
  • blockcypher.com
  • blockchain.coin
  • smartbit.com.au
  • blockexplorer.com
  • btc.com

ⓢ Stay humble, #StackSats.