v.1.4.4 now with XPUB support!

A. You asked for it, X/Y/Zpub support is finally here!! Super easy to add: just tap ‘+’ like a new folder, then scan or paste the address, and Satpile will take care of the rest. It automatically scans the Blockchain to add all the addresses of your wallet until the most recent unused ones (ou can also generate new addresses manually) and displays them with the most recent ones at the top for convenience.

B. Passphrase (TouchID & FaceID optional) at open for more privacy.

C. Choose which Blockchain explorer you want the app to use in the background. Currently available: Mempool or Blockstream, more to come…

D. Also, a few bug fixes obviously. Thanks for users who reported them! Reach us anytime by email or on Twitter @satpile 🙂